i'm alyssa and i'm most likely pooping. +
bobadrunk said:
State 10 random facts about you, and then send this to your 10 favorite blogs (。・ω・。)ノ♡

i’m a really boring person to be honest so yeah aha

  • my birthday is on september 19th
  • born and raised in the philippines aw yeah
  • i have an older sister and two younger ones
  • i wish i had an older brother though sighing
  • there’s a “beauty” mark on my left cheekbone
  • i bite my fingernails every second of the day
  • never owned a pair of casual denim shorts
  • my love for coconut bread is infinite help me
  • i love books and food and music a lot aha
  • i’m graduating high school march next year!!!
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